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A Chase

Have you ever used a blower to dry your car instead of conventional towels? I just did after getting a Genesis Auto Spa ceramic coat treatment! It is the most convenient and hassle free washing I’ve ever done on any car in the 40 years since I’ve been washing/detailing my own or my family’s cars. It’s like magic to watch the ordinary leaf blower clear the water that runs off your car; it makes towels obsolete! Very little polishing needed after the wash; also as another bonus, the dirt or bugs that do end on your car after a Genesis treatment polish right off very easily. Genesis Auto Spa is also very reasonable cost-wise; it’s a great value for any car, especially if you’d like to save time in your daily life—after all, time is money! A.Chase Very satisfied customer 3/22

Client 3



Joe with Genesis Auto Spa blew us away with his attention to the finest details that exceeded excellence. I asked Joe to help me surprise my wife’s car for work and needed it to look new again for her. Joe took it to another level not only exceeding my expectations but going above and beyond to remove the most hardest water spots that I thought damaged the paint job and made it smooth and new again. They went under the car and made the bottom look new is how much caring and passion they have for what they do. As my wife was blown away feeling as if her car was brand new again, Joe surprised her with a heart shape not only on the floor carpet but in the back when you opened the hatchback. Still blown away how he did it but again it’s the level of caring passion and attention to the littlest details that make the huge difference. Thank you for going above and beyond. So worth it!!!!!!!

Client 5



Great communication and very professional. Very satisfied with work. Would recommend and will return.

Client 6



I was referred by a friend! The owner were so understanding of having my late father's Camaro detailed. I had been debating for 2 years where to take the car to be detailed. He took care to bring the car back to a new like state! The owner also was so kind to pile the items left under the seats(that I had not realized) and it brought tears to my eyes. He also followed my instructions to not clean the center console interior since that is as my father had left it years prior. I am going to be spreading the word to get your vehicle detailed with him...

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